About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of TFNN Corp is to educate our audience, directly and interactively. It is our goal to assist you in achieving your financial objectives – thoughtfully and prudently – through education and ongoing communication.

Through our interactive website and call in radio talk shows, TFNN is able to teach all levels of investors the technical skills needed for trading in today's marketplace. Through these media, TFNN is able to provide the best technical advice available today. In order to get the best information available, TFNN has assembled the most respected financial minds in the country to provide the most current news and comprehensive advice available.

What We Do

Radio Shows

Tom O'Brien hosts The Tom O'Brien Show, which acts as an open forum for all levels of investors to call up and join in the conversation. The shows provide split second market news and after hour's real time quotes with market experts and professional traders from around the world. The following subjects are covered on a regular basis: technical analysis, stock market trading strategy, stock charts, candlestick charting, the gold markets, and fibonacci analysis. The shows currently air on several stations across country and live on the Internet. All programs are archived and can be heard 24 hours a day.

TFNN.com broadcasts several radio shows. You can Listen Live to the following shows: The Tom O'Brien Show, The Money Masters, The Bull/Bear Binary Option Hour, The Tiger Technicians Hour, Trade What You See, The Diagnostic Trading Hour, The Power Trading Hour, The Futures Hour, The Option Hour, and Living a Primal Lifestyle. If you miss the live broadcast, you can always listen to the archive.

Our Website

Our site www.TFNN.com brings all the components together. It provides Internet users quick, easy access to the latest information on what is going on in the industry today. From the website people are able to purchase products from the TIGER Store, listen to live radio shows and archived radio shows, watch all the shows on TigerTV, watch video interviews with prominent CEO's, learn how to trade and more! TFNN's website also provides all the information you will need about our upcoming Workshops and Conferences. TFNN is the ultimate resource for everything you need to know about stock charts, technical analysis, gold markets, ...


In the TIGER Store, you can order a subscription to any of our fine newsletters including Tom O'Brien's daily market letter, Market Insights, and his weekly gold newsletter The Gold Report.  In addition, you can purchase any of our trading, investing, and lifestyle newsletters; purchase services like our interactive chat room The Tiger's Den; or purchase our software and dvd merchandise.


Tom O'Brien's newsletters give traders, investors and money managers a thorough strategy for trading stocks, options and indexes every market day. Tom publishes the daily Market Insights Newsletter and the weekly Gold Report. TFNN also offers several other newsletters from highly regarded contributors such as Steve Rhodes, Larry Pesavento, Basil Chapman, David White, Darrell Martin, and more.