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Trading Newsletters

Market Insights
Tom O'Brien's daily market letter, Market Insights, gives you Tom's daily commentary on the broad market... learn more

Opening Call
Basil Chapman's daily newsletter, The Opening Call, gives you Basil's daily market overview, with the direction of the key indices... learn more

The Path of Least Resistance
David White's daily market letter, The Path of Least Resistance, gives you trade recommendations based on David's proprietary Power Law Vector Indicator that put the odds of success overwhelmingly... learn more

Mastering Probability
Steve Rhodes' daily alert service, Mastering Probability, gives you clear, actionable trading alerts based on pattern recognition, celestial charting and money management. learn more

Lifestyle Newsletters

Health Signals
In Nico de Haan’s newsletter you will receive a comprehensive guide to health diet and exercise... learn more


Tigers Den
Look over Tom's shoulder as he is analyzing charts during the radio broadcast! In the Tigers Den, you'll be able to do just that... learn more

Investment Newsletters

The Gold Report
Tom O'Brien's weekly gold letter, The Gold Report, gives complete and concise coverage of the entire gold market. Inside, you'll get Tom's commentary... learn more

Technology Insider
David White's weekly technology investment letter, The Technology Insider, gives you an insiders look into the technology sector and specific investment recommendations...learn more

Software - DVDs

The Art of Timing The Trade Charts - Software
Introducing the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Accurate way to analyze stocks using Tom O'Brien's trading system. Timing The Trade Charts will automatically provide you with Gartley and Butterfly Patterns, swing points, retracement levels, confluence areas, expansion targets, and the Power Law Vector Indicator with just a click of your mouse! And the Gartley Scanner will search thousands of stocks each day and deliver a list of every Gartley and Butterfly pattern it finds, automatically.

Introducing the ChapmanWave Methodology Introducing The ChapmanWave Methodology - CD
Basil Chapman's "Introducing the ChapmanWave Methodology" will give you a complete understanding of The ChapmanWave and how to apply it to profitably trade any market in any timeframe.