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Certified Personal Trainer Nico de Haan’s newsletter Health Signals comes out every other week and is packed with great information on health, fitness and diet. “The choices you make can greatly influence your life’s longevity,” he has said on many occasions.

Since 1988, Haan has been training individuals and groups to become mentally and physically fit. His main concentration is on demonstrating exercises correctly to avoid injury, and teaching his clients how to better manage their past injuries.itality. 


Health Signals Details:

Haan follows the Paleolithic or Primal Diet regimen, which is a natural and easy way of eating that promotes dramatic health benefits and weight loss without calorie counting or portion control. It produces significant results, more quickly and effectively than other diets or weight loss programs because it is the only diet that is coded in our genes. It resembles those foods that were available during the evolution of our species, before agriculture and animal husbandry.

In his 70's, Nico practices what he preaches. Eat right. Exercise regularly. Be disciplined. Simple guidelines for healthy living.

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