TFNN Audience

TFNN clients are individual investors active in the markets.

  • Nearly 90% are making decisions for their own portfolio
  • Over 40% indicate they trade 3-10 times a month, and 34% indicate that they trade 11-25 times a month
  • Over 80% use an active trading approach for a portion of their portfolios.
  • While 95% dedicate a portion of their portfolio’s to buy and hold strategies
  • Predominantly own or expect to own; Stocks (88%), ETFs (81%), Gold (45%) and Options (37%)


They are educated men living in the US with investable assets,

  • 90% are men
  • 76% have college degrees with 32% having graduate degrees
  • 84% are over 45, with 64% between 46-66 years old
  • 53%  earn over $100k and 60% report an estimate net worth of over $500K
  • 94% list a US address as their primary residence


 And they understand and value TFNN content:

  • 74% visit daily
  •  83% tune into TFNN for the education on financial markets, 85% for trading tips and tactics; 77% for expert trades
  • 80% listen to more than one TFNN program
  • 76% are likely to recommend TFNN to friend or colleague indicating a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Below is a cloud of what they say about TFNN from the survey question “How would you describe TFNN to a friend?”