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It’s a fact of life. In most cases, there’s the hard way and the easy way. The same applies to financial markets which generally move in two distinct trends: Up or down. If not trending, markets are moving sideways, where there is an on-going battle between sellers and buyers

As is often the norm, traders are most comfortable with their stock buying when the market’s rising. Buying as cheap as possible or going short at top prices is often not the point. But to buy or sell at the right time is. Simply put, prices, like everything else, move along the lines of least resistance.


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Additionally, wherever the resistance is at the stock is what often determines price. If the resistance is pushing from the ground up - it pushes the stock up. Conversely, if the resistance is at the top, it will push the stock down. Trading support and resistance levels to find the path of least resistance is a key skill for a trader.

In David White's daily market letter, The Path of Least Resistance, you receive trade recommendations based on White’s proprietary Power Law Vector Indicator that put the odds of success overwhelmingly in your favor. The entry price, price target, and stop price of each stock and option trade will be provided, optimizing your investment opportunity.

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