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"The ChapmanWave® tools that helped identify the market’s last top, and what to expect as we go into the New Year!"

Basil Chapman's daily newsletter, The Opening Call, provides the trader a daily market overview with regard to the direction of the key indices, selective stocks and commodities. Data is generated using “The ChapmanWave© Up/Down Sequence” – Chapman’s proprietary trading methodology.

Chapman’s methodology is a technical approach to identifying price trends, and internal strength or weakness. The basis for the waveform is the sequential, alphabetically notated, rising or falling peaks or troughs. Because this methodology works in any given time frame, in both rising and falling trends, it has often been referred to as “the waveform that never sleeps.”

"The ChapmanWave® tools that helped identify the market’s last top, and what to expect as we go into the New Year!"

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Topics covered:
  • Will the current daily and weekly Sell Modes infect the monthly charts negatively
  • What are the important moving averages – MAs that helped us make the call, and what CWave tools were/are very important
  • The sectors that are likely to benefit, or suffer
  • The Dollar/gold/yields and the VIX-Volatility Index
  • What is the CASH ‘Index’, and what is its function?

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Opening Call Details:

Basil Chapman is yet another example of the expertise you will find on the TFNN team. As editor of The Chapman Marketline and Trendswatch since 1984, Basil Chapman’s service has been used by Fidelity’s Technical Department, hedge funds, banks, money managers, and individual clients. Often quoted in Barron’s Market Watch section, as well as winning’s “timing” competition, where his analysis has often been referenced, Chapman has a history of significant market-trend calls.

As one investor noted, “Chapman is a trend and momentum trader. He has done outstanding every year, in with the uptrends and out or short during the bear periods like 2008. He doesn't fight the market.”

In addition to being editor of The Opening Call advisory service, Chapman is also the host of "The Tiger Technician's Hour.”

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