Reach your Audience with TFNN’s multi-channel marketing opportunities – daily broadcast, website, social media and many others.

Daily Broadcast
9 hours of live financial education programming each Market day:
  • TigerTV: live streaming video
  • Listen Live: live streaming audio
  • Broadcast on 15 AM radio stations
  • Mobile Delivery: mobile site/apps
TFNN’s website is a key gateway to broadcast programs, newsletters and more in-depth educational content:
  • Access to live TFNN streaming video/audio
  • Archived TigerTV and radio programming
  • Access to paid subscription content
  • Sponsors pages
Additional Opportunities
TFNN reaches listeners in a number of direct and indirect channels:
  • Nearly 80,000 Twitter followers
  • Newsletter: if appropriate, advertisers may include a logo on one or more of TFNN's newsletters
  • Email Blast: reach active investors who have chosen to receive emails from TFNN as a trusted source
  • Live Workshop Sponsorships Available

The Audience You Want

  • Nearly 90% are making decisions for their own portfolio
  • 53% report an annual income in excess of $100k
  • 60% report an estimated net worth of over $500k

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TFNN Audience

TFNN clients are individual investors active in the markets.
  • Nearly 90% are making decisions for their own portfolio
  • Over 40% indicate they trade 3-10 times a month, and 34% indicate that they trade 11-25 times a month
  • Over 80% use an active trading approach for a portion of their portfolios.
  • While 95% dedicate a portion of their portfolio’s to buy and hold strategies
  • Predominantly own or expect to own; Stocks (88%), ETFs (81%), Gold (45%) and Options (37%)
They are educated men living in the US with investable assets,
  • 90% are men
  • 76% have college degrees with 32% having graduate degrees
  • 84% are over 45, with 64% between 46-66 years old
  • 53% earn over $100k and 60% report an estimate net worth of over $500K
  • 94% list a US address as their primary residence
And they understand and value TFNN content:
  • 74% visit daily
  • 83% tune into TFNN for the education on financial markets, 85% for trading tips and tactics; 77% for expert trades
  • 80% listen to more than one TFNN program
  • 76% are likely to recommend TFNN to friend or colleague indicating a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Below is a cloud of what they say about TFNN from the survey question “How would you describe TFNN to a friend?”

Advertising Options

Daily Broadcast

Financial expert programming from 9am to 6pm daily educating listeners through analysis of current market events and technical advice on specific trading opportunities. Broadcast shows are distributed by a variety media so listeners can access via their preferred device when they want it. Learn More –

Nine hours of financial education programming Monday through Friday distributed via:
  • TigerTV: Streaming live video feed accessible on
  • ListenLive: Streaming audio available on
  • AM Radio in four major US markets-Boston, San Francisco, Tampa-St.Pete, and Dallas
  • Mobile Devices: Smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPad, etc.
  • TFNN YouTube Channel
  • iTunes-archived
Sponsorship Opportunities for TFNN Daily Live Broadcast:
  • On air ads: 10, 30 and 60 second spots included in the audio of all broadcast media channels.
  • Video Pre Roll: 15 second roll in ad in front of TigerTV live video channels.
  • Banner ads: On and TigerTV access web pages, open as long as the listener is tuned in.
  • Segment Sponsorships: On air lead in to segment and “Sponsored by Logo” appearing with the broadcast educator when on camera.
  • TigerTV ads: 10, 30 or 60 seconds video only ads that run during Radio station breaks.
Please note: TFNN is able to produce radio and video ads at no cost if desired, saving our Sponsors the cost and expense of producing them separately., the central hub for TFNN listeners offers –
  • Links to our listen live and TigerTV broadcast
  • Details on TFNN educators and newsletters
  • Logon for our TigersDen Members
  • Sponsors pages
  • Asset specific education, such as ETFs and Gold
  • 5 days of archived expert TigerTV and radio programming
Sponsorship Opportunities for Sponsorship of provides immediacy and direct contact with TFNN listeners. Please contact us at 727-674-9190 or email
  • Banner Ads: Multiple sizes and placement options available.
  • Leaderboard: 468×60.
  • Right side of the page button: 180×60.
  • Others: 300×250, 120×90, etc.

Additional Opportunities

Additional opportunities to reach TFNN listeners: TFNN touches our listeners in a number of other direct and indirect channels. Please call Advertising Sales at 727-467-9190 or email
  • Social Media
    • Twitter: Opportunities available to leverage TFNN’s list of nearly 30,000 Twitter followers.
  • Newsletters: If appropriate, advertisers may include a logo on one or more of our newsletters.
  • Email Blasts: Opportunities to reach our list of active investors who have double opted in to receive emails from TFNN as a trusted source.
  • Classes: Availability to reach our audience via live and internet based educational courses.

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