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"The Gold Market from the Beginning of the Bull in 2001 to Now!"

Tom O’Brien publishes his weekly Gold Report every Monday morning for subscribers, consisting of coverage of the XAU, HUI, GDX, the Dollar, Bonds, the South African Rand, as well as 25 different mining equities, with specific buy sell recommendations.

As a precious metal, gold is still king. It continues to hold the most effective safe haven and hedging properties across the global major trading hubs of the London OTC market, the US futures market, and the Shanghai Gold Exchange!

The Gold Report Details:

In O’Brien’s weekly newsletter, The Gold Report, complete and concise coverage of these markets is provided. Commentary on Gold, The Dollar, The Rand, The Bond, The XAU, and The HUI is supplemented with a look at 25 mining stocks. Entry price, price target, and stop price of each stock trade are discussed to aid the reader in his or her analysis of investment opportunities.

As a world renown trader and bestselling author of "The Art of Timing the Trade; Your Ultimate Trading Mastery System," O’Brien has appeared multiple times in and has been a regular guest on CNBC analyzing the commodity markets. Additionally, he was named “Gold Timer of the Year” in 2009 by Timer Digest.

If gold is your hot button, The Gold Report is a must-read publication.

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